30 Best 2016 HD Alien UFO Encounters Caught On Camera That Will Make Skeptics Believe

We run all though CGI filter and they all are legit flying UFOs & that’s amazing.
But if u can explain any of these beyond strange objects, please, comment
1. Texas. Notice how UFO disk jumps through the space
2. Oregon. 20 feet (6m) Flying metal polygon
3. LA. Weather camera twice caught an object moving with hypersonic speed
4. New York. Object seemed appear and disappear
5. New York. Same object caught by different camera
6. UFO filmed over Atlantic Ocean.
7. LA. UFO over LA filmed by many people.
8. LA. Same UFO by different camera.
9. Texas. UFO filmed in corn field.
10. Washington. Notice UFO jumps through the space.
12. North CA. What you are looking at is not Sun
13. Florida. UFO over the ocean
14. LA. Notice Impossible sharp turn UFO made
15. North CA. Huge Energy Ball in the sky
16. North CA. The Same Ball by different camera
17. San Francisco. Multiple disappearing saucers over the city
18. Montana. Space bending UFO
19. Arizona. Bright UFO in the sky
20. Oregon. Metal UFO in the sky
21. Nevada. Flying Saucer in the sky
22. Santa Monica. UFO reported in the news
23. Carolina. Huge UFO seen 20 miles away
24. Texas. Corn field UFO.
25. North CA. UFO over Toyota stadium.
26. Nevada. Cigar shaped UFO.
27. Nevada. Double Moon UFO.
28. Nevada UFO leaving Earth atmosphere.
29. Las Vegas UFO reported in the news.
30. New Mexico UFO.
30. Malibu Beach Two UFOs.

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